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Upcoming Patch

Please note: Below is information related to the next known patch. It is not the entirety of the patch, only what is publicly known.
Version 3.4.0
Release Date June 7'th, 2023[1]
  • Balancing changes[2]

Known Future Content

Please note: Below is content and issues that are being actively investigated, in active development or are known to be planned for the future.

Content and changes currently being worked on

  • Default Weapon skins[3][4]
  • Updated Welcome-pack descriptions[5]
  • Overhauled stash and store experience[6]
  • Improved matchmaking logic[7]
  • More weapon-balancing[8]

Issues currently being worked on

  • AI behaviour[9]
  • De-syncs[10]
  • Disconnection from matches[11]
  • Performance[12]
  • Invisible guns[13][14]
  • Crashes due to streaming-tools[15]
  • High/Unstable CPU usage[16]
  • GeForce NOW[17]
  • Keybinding-issues on AZERTY-layout[18]
  • Unable to climb/mantle[19]

Planned content

Hinted content and rumors

Please note: Below are some content and changes that have been rumored or hinted at, but not yet fully confirmed as being planned or in active development.
  • Item-barter NPC[31]
  • New NPC's and NPC-loot containing gear[32]
  • Potential Waypoints/context-pings[33]


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