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Weak Stim

A Stim is a Consumable which heals Hit Points upon usage. There are three variants available: the Weak Stim, the Strong Stim, and the Combat Stim. The last two variants can only be bought for K-Marks after the completion of specific Osiris Missions. All Stims offer a significantly lower time to use than Medkits, but on the other hand have a lower heal per second ratio.


A Stim must be in a Prospector's Inventory before it can be used. Once activated, a progress bar will be displayed above the Health Bar, indicating how long it takes to use the item. Once the progress bar has completed, the Prospector will be healed. A popping sound, a rush of noise, and a slight hiccup may be heard from the player's character. Using a Stim can be stopped by: sprinting, mantling over an object, switching to another item, or by Falling to a soft or hard landing.


Stats and cost of each stim variant
Item Rarity Healing Amount Activation Time Source
Weak Stim Common 20Hit Points 4sec
Strong Stim Uncommon 25Hit Points 4sec
Combat Stim Rare 30Hit Points 4sec


This item is not used anywhere.

This item is not used anywhere.

This item is not used anywhere.

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