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Weak Medkit

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Weak Medkit
Rarity CommonRarity.svg Common
Weight 15 UI-WeightIcon.png
K-Marks 150 KMarks.png
Faction Points 0 UI-FactionPoints.webp
Damage/Heal 100 Heal
Activation Time 9
Duration Instant


The weak medkit is available to purchase from the Quickshop or any of the faction armories without unlocking anything. With a base health gain of 100, it can fully restore a prospector's health with only one use, though the use time is much longer than using a stim. This means they are worth buying only if you do not have access to the Strong Medkit or Combat Medkit. Having a weak medkit in your inventory can greatly affect a Prospector's odds of survival on Fortuna III.


This item is a Consumable, and must be equipped to the player in order for it to be activated. Once activated, a progress bar will be displayed above the Health Bar, indicating the time delta of the operation. Once the progress bar has completed, a popping sound, a rush of noise, and a slight hiccup may be heard from the player's character. This audio is networked, meaning all local players nearby should receive it, making it a noisy consumable to use. Though the application of this item is Instant, the progress bar does take 9 full seconds to complete, and may be canceled by attempting to do any of the following actions; Sprinting, Mantling, Switching to another item, and Initiating a Soft or Hard Landing after falling some distance greater than 200 units.


Uses for Weak Medkit
Type Quantity
Field Research Part 5 2
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