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The uplink is an activity in The Cycle: Frontier involving upgrading Data Drives to higher tiers. Multiple uplinks are present on Bright Sands and Crescent Falls


To upgrade a Data Drive to its next rarity, it needs to be inserted into the orange glowing slot on an Uplink terminal. When multiple Data Drives are in the Prospectors inventory, the highest rarity one will be selected. Once inserted the Data Drives current and next rarity are shown on the top left corner and the main terminal screen can be interacted with to start the upgradeprocess. During that process the antenna emits a loud noise and a colored light corresponding to the targeted rarity. While the terminal shows a progressbar in percent, the actual upgradetime depends on the rarity of the Data Drive. Removing the Data Drive during an upgrade stops the process and leaves it at the rarity before the upgrade was started. When the upgrade is completed the Prospector can choose to instantly start the next upgrade or remove the Data Drive and take it with them.

Upgrade time by rarity
Rarity Time
Common to uncommon 30 seconds
Uncommon to Rare 60 seconds
Rare to Epic 90 seconds
Epic to Legendary 120 seconds


Uplinks are present on Bright Sands and Crescent Falls.

Bright Sands

Crescent Falls

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Update History

Patch 2.0.0
  • Increased Uplinks' activity radius.