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Blast Tick.jpg
Danger Easy
Health ≤ 70
Armor ?Armor Icon.png
Speed ?
Drops Toxic Glands.png

A Tick is a creature that rushes the player and explodes once in range.


Ticks will usually be found in large groups, and will patrol the area they spawned in. When one notices a prospector it will chase them while emitting a high pitched screech, alerting other ticks. There are two variants: Blast Ticks and Acid Ticks.


When the Blast Tick notices a prospector it will run at them and explode once it's close enough. While there's a short delay before a tick self-detonates, it might cause an instant chain reaction if any other ticks are caught by the original explosion, which may catch a prospector by surprise. An Acid tick acts the same, but leaves a pool of acid on the ground after exploding which can damage the player.

Shooting a tick may cause it to explode on death, which could be used to the player's advantage as a way to deal indirect damage to enemy prospectors or other creatures. They can be safely killed without detonating them with a single heavy melee attack or two quick melee attacks.


Killing a Crusher has the chance to drop some Loot. Killing a Crusher during the Storm increases the drop chances for some items.

Blast Tick Loot
Item Chance Chance (storm) Amount Amount (storm)
Toxic Glands.pngToxic Glands 30% 30% 1 1

Acid Tick Loot
Item Chance Chance (storm) Amount Amount (storm)
Toxic Glands.pngToxic Glands 30% 30% 1 1

Tick Variants

The Blast Tick has one variant, the Acid Tick.

Acid Tick

The Acid Tick is a green version of the Blast Tick with a green thorax. It has the same stats and behavior as the blast tick, but after exploding it leaves an acid puddle on the ground that deals damage when standing on or walking through it.

Detailed Information

This is detailed information about the Blast tick.


Leave blank for now. - Information about health, armour, speed, etc. will come here. Datamined 🙂

Damage Zones

Weakspots mainly. Not sure how to handle this yet so leave blank 🙂


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Image Gallery

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Update history

Patch 2.6.0
  • Reduced Tick damage by 35%


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