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Gear is any backpack, armor piece or tool that a Prospector can equip into their Inventory. For information about Weapons and Consumables, consult the respective pages.

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A backpack is one of, if not the most, essential item. It enables the "Backpack" section in your inventory, drastically increasing your carrying capacity. Without one, you can only carry your equipped armor, weapons, and the contents of your Safe Pockets. This limits space for ammunition and loot to the point of non-viability, so a Backpack is more or less required to achieve anything on the surface of Fortuna III. A tour to the surface with only a Backpack equipped is referred to as a "Naked Run".

Backpacks come in different sizes, depending on the rarity. They can be found in your Stash under the "Utilities" filter.

Carrying over 280 weight in the backpack will slow the Prospector down. The reduction in speed starts at 280 (0%), and ends at 350 weight (25%). The reduction grows linearly from 280 to 350 weight. Carrying more than 350 weight does not have an additional effect. This speed modifier stacks with other speed modifiers, such carrying a weapon that reduces movement speed.

Once a backpack has been dropped (either by death or by manually dropping it) it will despawn after 8 minutes. Interacting with the backpack (opening it while on the ground) will pause the despawn timer and will resume once the player has exited the backpack menu. For instance, if a backpack was opened for 1 minute after it had been on the ground for 7 minutes, it'll still take another minute to despawn, even though it has been on the ground for a total of 9 minutes. Unlike other Loot, Backpacks have the unique ability to despawn within the presence of a player.

Image Name Rarity Space Buy/Craft Price Sale Price
Backpack Common.png Small Backpack Common 200
  • 600 K-Marks.pngK-Marks
Backpack Uncommon.png Medium Backpack Uncommon 250
Backpack Rare.png Large Backpack Rare 300
Backpack Epic.png Heavy Duty Backpack Epic 350
Backpack Scrappy.png Worn Emergency Backpack Common 100 Found exclusively as Loot
Backpack Forged.png Huge Forged Backpack Epic 350 The Forge
Backpack Forged.png Gigantic Forged Backpack Exotic 400 The Forge
Backpack Forged.png Monstrous Forged Backpack Legendary 500 The Forge


For details, see: Armor

Armor is worn to reduce the damage taken from other sources. The damage reduction depends on the "Armor"-value of your Armor and on the Penetration-value of the damage source.

A prospector can equip one helmet and one piece of body armor, called Shield, by placing them in the appropriate slots in the inventory screen. You can also carry armor in your Backpack, but it won't protect you in there.

If you take damage while you have armor equipped, the armor gets ablated. You can repair it at the Crafting Station for a small amount of K-Marks.

Certain types of armor grant additional benefits like more stamina, health regeneration or night vision.


Tools are items that need to be actively used, but unlike consumables don't get used up. You can access your available tools during a run by holding Q (default). The last used tool is available as quickslot by shorty pressing Q (default).

Default tools

Every prospector carries a Flashlight, a Binocular and a Pickaxe with them at all times. They don't have to be bought and can't be lost. Most notably, the Pickaxe is used to crack open metal ore deposits.

Mineral Scanner

The Mineral Scanner can be bought at all Shops on the Station and also be found on the surface. When activated, it sends out a pulse and then highlights nearby mineral deposits. Initially it can only detect Nickel, additional resources can be unlocked with attachments. Korolev sells a Veltecite scanning attachment.

Heavy Mining Tool

Heavy Mining Tool is sold by Korolev after fulfilling the "What a Tool" mission.

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