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Jobs are completable tasks issued by factions. Completing jobs grant you K-Marks, Faction Reputation and Scrips. For missions within Faction Campaigns see Missions.


Korolev-issued jobs generally involve mining and industrial processes.

Korolev Jobs
Name Description Unlock Level Difficulty Tasks Rewards
New Mining Tools We are producing new Mining Tools for new Prospectors and need Hydraulic Pistons and Hardened Metals for it. You know what to do. 4 Easy
Explosive Excavation One of our mines collapsed with valuable equipment inside. Bring us Derelict Explosives so we can blast it free! 7 Medium
Mining Bot Our engineers have designed an autonomous mining bot. Bring us a Zero Systems CPU and some Ball Bearings for the prototype. 8 Medium
None of your Business Prospector. We need Toxic Glands. Don't ask questions, just go acquire some and bring them back with maximum discretion. 10 Medium
Insufficient Processing Power Prospector! The Zero Systems CPU you brought us for the mining bot was not powerful enough. We'll need a Master Unit CPU instead. 11 Medium
Excavator Improvements The suspension on our mining excavators need improvements to handle rocky terrain. We need Multitools, Ball Bearings and Hydraulic Pistons. 14 Hard
A new type of Alloy Our scientists are confident they can create a new, extremely durable alloy from Hardened Bone Plates and Compound Sheets! Bring us what we need. 15 Hard
Automated Security We will have to build new turrets to help protect our mining sites and landing pads. Bring us Zero Systems CPUs and Hardened Metals. 16 Hard
Energy Crisis Veltecite supplies are low, but we need energy! Get your hands on one of those fabled ICA Miniature Reactors and deliver it to us. Discreetly. 17 Hard
Classified I Prospector! We need Derelict Explosives, Master Unit CPUs and Compound Sheets. Don't ask questions, just go acquire the materials. 20 Hard
Clear Veltecite The Veltecite you brought us the other day is already spent. We need more energy! Get us some Clear Veltecite this time! 6 Medium
Time to Focus One of our miners searching the Jungle for Focus Crystals was wounded by creatures. Go clear the area, and bring back Focus Crystals they should have. 7 Medium
Pure Veltecite The Clear Veltecite was an improvement, we gained much more energy from it, but we need more! See if you can get your hands on some Pure Veltecite. 9 Medium
Titans of Industry Scouts have found Titan Ore deposits on Fortuna III! Go see if the rumours are true and bring us samples. And some Altered Nickel, while you're at it. 10 Medium
Crystal Frenzy We're working on a new type of laser for our latest mining platforms. For the lenses, we will need Clear Veltecite and Focus Crystals. Off you go! 11 Medium
Geologist You got time for a job, Prospector? The samples you brought us weren't pure enough. Get us Pure Veltecite and some Pure Focus Crystals this time. 13 Hard
Industry Secret Hm. Interesting. The Pure Focus Crystals you brought us worked perfectly for the new lenses. Bring us more! I can already taste Osiris' envy. 14 Hard
Veltecite Hearts Bring us some Veltecite Hearts, the highest purity of Veltecite, for us to experiment on. 15 Hard
Laser Rifles We are prototyping a new laser rifle that can penetrate even Crusher skulls. Get us Focus Crystals and Pure Focus Crystals for the lenses. 16 Hard
Classified II Ah, Prospector. We need Clear Veltecite and Derelict Explosives for an experiment. I cannot say any more and expect utmost discretion. 18 Hard
Unlimited Power Fine. I guess you need to know. We are trying to charge Veltecite with power, the same way the Storm does. Bring us more Veltecite Samples. 19 Hard
Prove your skills Time for you to show what you're capable of! Kill creatures using a pistol to prove your skills. 3 Easy
Rattle the Cage Those damned Rattlers keep interfering with mining operations! Hunt some of them down, and use a Shotgun, make it brutal. 9 Medium
Clearing the Dig Site The Dig Site, one of our most valuable excavations, has been overrun by creatures! You know what to do, now go! 11 Medium
Eliminate the Threat One of our excavators was just ripped to shreds by ferocious creatures, the kind known as "Marauders". I don't care how you do it, but hunt them down! 12 Medium
Crashed Ship (Job) According to Intel, a ship with valuable Osiris tech crashed in the Jungle. Go clear the area of Rattlers so our troops can loot the wreck! 18 Hard
Protect our Claim Greedy Prospectors have been filling their own pockets with valuable minerals from our Dig Site. Go eliminate any Prospector there, send a message! 13 Hard
Leaving a Mark Some are saying Korolev is afraid of conflict! Get that idea out of their heads! Take out rival Prospectors, let them know Korolev sent you! 14 Hard
Live Fire Prospector, marketing department wants more test data to sell our superior weapons; go take out rival Prospectors with Korolev Weapons! 17 Hard
Sales Pitch Habitat Civil Protection doesn't believe our guns are worth the price; take out some rival Prospectors with a Korolev Pistol and Shotgun to shut them up! 19 Hard
Burying the Lead KBR Longshot sales need a boost back home; let's show them what a Korolev rifle can do to Marauders and Prospectors! 20 Hard
Meteor Shards We have received reports of incredibly powerful Meteor Shards unpredictably dropping onto Fortuna in spectacular Meteor Showers. Go get us some! 9 Medium
Meteor Core Prospector! Osiris seems to have gotten their hands on a Meteor Core from the main Meteor of a Meteor Shower. We need one as well! 12 Hard
Shards of pure Power These Meteor Shards are incredibly valuable. We can use them to power our mining machinery. Bring us more, Prospector. 16 Hard
Battery Day Prospector, we have developed a new type of Battery based on Meteor Cores that will fuel a drop ship or excavator for years. You know what to do! 20 Hard
Excavation Gear For excavations, we need you to stash a Heavy Mining Tool in one of Badums Dead Drop Containers underground at East Collection Point. You'll find it. 3 Easy
Field Repairs Ah, there you are. Search for the Dead Drop Container at the Swamp Skeleton and stash some Ball Bearings in there. Our miners need them for field repairs. 5 Easy
Jamming the Comms Prospector. Acquire some Derelict Explosives and go stash them in the specified Dead Drop at Comms Tower. Be discrete about it, and no questions. 8 Medium
Stability is Key Our Comms are jammed. We need you to stash a Magnetic Field Stabilizer at each of the three Base Camp Dead Drops, Main Office, Gate A and Gate C. 6 Medium
And two smoking Barrels Prospector. Get down there and stash a PKR Maelstrom Shotgun and some Ammo at the Comms Tower for one of our Field Agents. And be discrete about it. 13 Medium
Stashing Safety One of our Miners has been injured and is hiding near Base Camp. Go stash a RareRarity.svg Rare Shield for them there and clear the area of creatures. 15 Hard
Upgrades We want to take over an ICA Data Center. Stash a Master Unit CPU at the Server Room so that our Tech Staff can use it to splice the System. 19 Hard
Testing the Arsenal Prospector! It's time to test Korolev Weaponry against human targets. Grab a Korolev Weapon and eliminate rival Prospectors. 12 Hard
Exclusive Drilling Rights Alright Prospector; gear up and go get us some more Letium. We will of course pay extra for the risks, as well as you absolute secrecy... 20 Hard
Stocking Up We need Brittle Titan Ore, Prospector. And lots of it! I trust you know where to look for it by now? As they say, this is not your first rodeo. 17 Hard
Shock and Awe Prospector, get us some Shock Absorbers from the surface, our equipment here needs maintenance. Get us the parts, if they're Korolev they'll still work for sure! Well... probably. 18 Hard
No Expiry Date There you are, finally! There's been an accident at one of our factories and we urgently require Old Medicine from the surface, hurry! 8 Medium


ICA-issued jobs are fairly generic and involve a variety of tasks.

ICA Jobs
Name Description Unlock Level Difficulty Tasks Rewards
Water Filtration System We need to do some repairs to our water filtration system. Bring us Polymetallic Prefabricate and Compound Sheets. 4 Easy
New Beds The ICA community housing project has been expanding fast, and we need Azure Tree Bark and Alloys to build some new beds. 8 Medium
Station Defense The targeting systems of our station defense systems have been damaged by Storm radiation. Bring us Autoloaders and Optic Glass for the repairs. 12 Medium
KMarks.png 13000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 12 ICA Scrip
Air Lock Upgrades Our engineers designed a safer airlock system that should reduce fatalities. We need Hardened Metals, Alloys and Polymetallic Prefabricate. 13 Medium
KMarks.png 12000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 13 ICA Scrip
Sabotage Prospector! Those Korolev simpletons are drilling near one of our Uplinks. Bring us Zero Systems CPUs and Derelict Explosives. You know why. 15 Hard
KMarks.png 37000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 34 ICA Scrip
Old Currency We have received reports of Old Currency being found on Fortuna. That stuff is pretty valuable. Bring us some! 16 Hard
KMarks.png 28000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 35 ICA Scrip
Recoil Compensation Upgrades to our rifles are long overdue. To go into production with improved Recoil Compensators, we need Shock Absorbers and Compound Sheets. 17 Hard
KMarks.png 26000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 36 ICA Scrip
Espionnage II Osiris is gaining an incredible amount of energy from Charged Spinal Bases. Go kill creatures to cut off their supply and get us some samples. 18 Hard
KMarks.png 30000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 37 ICA Scrip
New 3D Printer Prospector! To help us provide our troops with the gear and supplies they require, we need Shard Slicers and Autoloaders for a new 3D printer. 19 Hard
KMarks.png 45000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 39 ICA Scrip
Arms Race Prospector. It seems like Korolev is working on some sort of new laser rifle that uses Pure Focus Crystals. Go get us some, and be discrete about it. 15 Hard
KMarks.png 33000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 34 ICA Scrip
Energy Crisis Gear up and go get us some Meteor Fragments and Clear Veltecite! If the rumors are true, this stuff could power our station systems for weeks! 19 Hard
KMarks.png 35000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 39 ICA Scrip
Secure the LZ Prospector. Creatures are hindering our Research Teams from landing at Base Camp. You know what to do. 5 Easy
Pest Control We need you to eliminate Marauders and Rattlers, Prospector! They're a threat to our scouts and scavengers. 9 Medium
KMarks.png 5300 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 10 ICA Scrip
Parasites We need your help, Prospector. Our Warehouse at Nutrion Farms got overrun by creatures. Get there before they destroy our stocked rations. 8 Medium
Target Practice We want you to test out killing Marauders from a distance, see how easy they are to track... and how fast they can close in. 14 Hard
KMarks.png 21000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 33 ICA Scrip
Debugging Rattlers are messing with what's left of the old Bright Sands Comms Tower facility; make sure they don't turn the place into a new nest. 16 Hard
KMarks.png 22000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 35 ICA Scrip
Proprietary Technology Those insufferable Osiris idiots are messing with our Uplinks. It's time to send a message. Eliminate a rival Prospector using an ICA Weapon, let them know it was us. 8 Medium
Retaliation One of our scavenging parties was taken out by Prospectors. That offense can't go unpunished: eliminate some Prospectors to send a message. 9 Medium
KMarks.png 5300 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 10 ICA Scrip
Tour Guide Fortuna III's seen a spike in "fake" Prospectors, here just to take in the scenery. Go down there and set the tone: take some out with an Assault Rifle. 10 Medium
KMarks.png 5800 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 10 ICA Scrip
On Our Team A big arms merchant is on station looking to buy; head down and take out Striders, Rattlers, and Prospectors with the Advocate to help secure us a sale. 15 Hard
KMarks.png 21000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 34 ICA Scrip
Hallowed Ground Prospectors have been vandalizing what's left of the Bright Sands Base Camp; go down there and teach them some manners. 16 Hard
KMarks.png 22000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 35 ICA Scrip
Restoring the Balance Some believe Osiris and Korolev weapons outclass ours. Use ICA weapons to "educate" rival Prospectors as to who really makes the best guns. 19 Hard
KMarks.png 24000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 39 ICA Scrip
Forest Clearing I need someone to head down to the Bright Sands Jungle and make sure other Prospectors and the local wildlife learn to stay out of it. No, you don't need to know why. 20 Hard
KMarks.png 25000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 40 ICA Scrip
Data Drive II The Data you brought us was helpful, but we need more precise Meteorological Values. Load a Data Drive with RareRarity.svg Rare Data and deliver it to us. 6 Medium
Data Drive III Good work last time, Prospector. The Data was perfect. This time, bring us two RareRarity.svg Rare Data Drives. 7 Medium
Data Drive IV In order to be able to predict Storm Behaviour more precisely, we will need higher quality Data. Bring us a Valuable Data Drive. 12 Hard
KMarks.png 26000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 31 ICA Scrip
Data Drive V Yes! The more precise Data you brought us was a great success! Do you think you are ready to bring us a Unique Data Drive? 14 Hard
KMarks.png 31000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 33 ICA Scrip
Data Drive VI We're finding more than just Storm data now... Get us more Unique Data Drives, Prospector, what we might find could have immeasurable value! 20 Hard
KMarks.png 56000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 40 ICA Scrip
Energy Crisis II We need more power for our Community Life Support Systems, Prospector! Go get us more Miniature Reactors. 6 Medium
Energy Crisis III Our Security Systems ran out of power and are running on emergency backup. This is not sustainable. We need more Miniature Reactors. 10 Medium
KMarks.png 12000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 10 ICA Scrip
A Solution Prospector. We have gotten our hands on a load of powerful Energy Rifles Korolev has been working on. We need Miniature Reactors to charge them. 18 Hard
KMarks.png 33000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 37 ICA Scrip
Grenadier Prospector. You have heard of Badum's Dead Drop Containers, right? We need you to find the one at Swamp Skeleton and stash Grenades in it for our Troops. 3 Easy
Storm Interference Prospector, the Storm has been distorting all signals from our Comms Tower. We need you to head down there and stash Magnetic Field Stabilizers there. 7 Medium
Shady Deal We'll have to do business with a rather shady arms dealer to supply our troops. They want us to stash Old Currency near Nutrion Farms as payment. Go. 9 Medium
KMarks.png 8300 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 10 ICA Scrip
Emergency Power Prospector. Got a mission for you. Go stash a Miniature Reactor in the Storage Room Dead Drop at Nutrion Farms, as emergency power supply. 11 Medium
KMarks.png 8500 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 11 ICA Scrip
Ammo Supplies Our Field Agents need more Ammo if they are to protect our Research Installations. Go stash Medium Ammo at Stockpile near Greens Prospect for them. 11 Medium
KMarks.png 17000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 11 ICA Scrip
Data Drop Prospector. One of our Scientists is convinced she can predict the Storm, but she needs Data. Stash RareRarity.svg Rare Data Drives at Fulfilment Center for her. 13 Hard
KMarks.png 25000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 32 ICA Scrip
Field Supplies We need to make more construction materials available to building sites on Crescent Falls. Go stash Polymetallic Prefabricate near Greens Prospect. 17 Hard
KMarks.png 26000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 36 ICA Scrip
Spare Parts One of the Servers at Starport has been failing. Before we can send down a Technician, stash new Zero Systems CPUs for them in the Server Room. 18 Hard
KMarks.png 25000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 37 ICA Scrip
Provide an Advocate Our field agent requested better gear to take down some creatures hindering his mission. Stash an Advocate Rifle at the Starport Cafeteria for him. 20 Hard
KMarks.png 48000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 40 ICA Scrip
Calorie Deficit Prospector, we are running low on food and need your help. Go get us some Waterweed Filaments for our Nutrient Farms. And hurry please. 3 Easy
Mouths to feed We have to ask you once more to deliver some Waterweed Filaments to us. And more this time, to make sure we can feed the community a bit longer. 7 Medium
Gluttony What?! Osiris has been harvesting OUR Waterweed for their Research? Go get us more Waterweed Filaments and eliminate a Prospector, as a warning! 11 Medium
KMarks.png 8300 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 11 ICA Scrip
Alternative Energies Prospector! The Spinal Bases you brought us proved to be quite the source of energy. We need more. Go hunt Creatures and bring us their Spinal Bases. 13 Hard
KMarks.png 25000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 32 ICA Scrip
Scrapping Station Improvements Prospector, we need to make improvements to our scrapping station. For this, bring us Shard Slicers, a Zero Systems CPU and Hardened Metals. 12 Hard
KMarks.png 29000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 31 ICA Scrip
Striking Big Damn it! We ran out of Fuel for our Radiation Shields here on the Station. And there's no replacement for Nanite Infused Crude Oil. You know what to do. 20 Hard
KMarks.png 227000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 40 ICA Scrip
Let it grow Aha, there's our new rising star! Prospector, see if you can find us some Magic-GROW Fertilizer, it'll help with our nutrient farms on the station. 6 Medium
A Craving Wanna make some extra cash? We would pay well for some Nutritional Bars. They taste funny, but nostalgia has deep pockets. 14 Hard
KMarks.png 25000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 33 ICA Scrip
Prim & Proper A delegation from off system just arrived, and our people need to look their best to woo them for patronage. Get us some Jewellery from the surface, hopefully we can impress. 17 Hard
KMarks.png 33000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 36 ICA Scrip


Osiris-issued jobs generally involve flora- and fauna-related things. This includes gathering flora such as Brightcap Mushrooms, or killing fauna such as Striders.

Osiris Jobs
Name Description Unlock Level Difficulty Tasks Rewards
Fascinating Flora These Spine Briars are highly interesting. They seem to thrive on TEF radiation. I think we should try to grow some in our Lab, so get us some more specimens! 19 Hard Collect:
Lab equipment Improvements to our lab equipment are long overdue. Go get us Optic Glass for better microscopes! 3 Easy
Surveillance Center We want to expand our surveillance operations here on Prospect Station. Bring us Interactive Screens and Magnetic Field Stabilizers. 6 Medium
Gun Manufacturing Our material scientists found a way to use Copper Wires and Spinal Bases in the manufacturing process of energy rifles. Bring us some! 7 Medium
Cretins Don't ask me how, but those Korolev numbskulls managed to extract powerful toxins from Toxic Glands. We need some samples, Prospector! 12 Hard
Sensor Array Repairs A Marauder damaged one of our sensor arrays. Bring us Interactive Screens, Optic Glass and Polymetallic Prefabricate so we can fix it. 13 Hard
A new Energy Source We've found a way to gain energy from Charged Spinal Bases from creatures affected by the Storm. We need some... and some Gyroscopes while you're down there. 14 Hard
Data Center Upgrades Turns out our data center was not powerful enough for the calculations needed for our energy experiment. Bring us Master Unit CPUs! 16 Hard
Keep the Experiment running Good news, Prospector! The experiment seems to be a success! Bring us more Charged Spinal Bases to keep it running! 17 Hard
Safety Measures Wonderful. The Meteor Core we acquired is powering our Drone Fleet nicely. But we need Gyroscopes and Autoloaders to stabilize the Reactor. 20 Hard
For Science Ah, Prospector. Our Science Campus has been overrun by creatures! Go kill them to protect our delicate research equipment. 3 Easy
Population Control I We've been monitoring creature populations, and there's been a sharp increase in Rattler numbers. Go eliminate some to keep their population in check. 4 Easy
Behavioral Analysis III Time for more behavioral combat data, Prospector. Get yourself a Sniper Rifle and test it out by hunting any creatures on Fortuna. 6 Medium
Protect our Investments Prospector. Rattlers and Marauders are a major threat to our fragile sensors on Fortuna III. Go take care of some of these creatures. 8 Medium
Secure the Perimeter The Science Campus and the Vaccine Labs, two very valuable Osiris sites, are teeming with creatures! You know what to do, Prospector. 7 Medium
Xeno-Archaeology I You know that big Skeleton on Crescent Falls? We want to send an Archaeologist to take a look at it, but it's crawling with Striders. Eliminate them. 10 Medium
Muddied Waters Creatures roaming the Lake around our Lab have been obstructing research retrieval efforts. Take them out. 14 Hard
Brains over brawn Some of the lab techs here hold the belief Crushers are Fortuna III's apex predator. Prove them wrong. 15 Hard
Sanitation I'm sending a team down to check soil samples around the Crashed Ship; I need you to clear the area of vermin before they arrive. 17 Hard
Behavioral Analysis V Time for another test: find out how thick a live Crusher's hide really is using an Assault Rifle or Sniper Rifle. 19 Hard
  • Kill 2 Crushers with an Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle
Living Black Box Marauders have been lingering around the Bright Sands Crashed Ship site; get rid of them so I can send someone to find out why. 20 Hard
Xeno-Archaeology II Prospector! The Archaeology Team we sent to Skeleton Observation was attacked by Marauders. These beasts have to die so we can continue our research! 15 Hard
Pinnacle of Evolution The Pinnacle Labs have been overrun by creatures. There is highly sensitive and valuable research equipment in there, Prospector, so get to work. 18 Hard
Superior Firepower We need to prove to these ICA troglodytes that Osiris weaponry is more than lethal. Use it to eliminate another Prospector. 11 Medium
Lab Rats An opportunity has presented itself that requires some "special" testing. Head to the Waterfall and Vaccine Labs and prepare some "volunteers" for us to pick up. 16 Hard
Internal Combustion The IFA filed a report that the Basilisk is "an unnecessarily cruel weapon"; take out some Prospectors with one and prove its efficacy outweighs all drawbacks. 20 Hard
Clear the Swamp Those Blast Ticks are a real nuisance. Go eliminate some, and while you're there, bring back some Brightcaps. 8 Medium
Botanist III Our studies on Brightcaps continue. I need you to find a new specimen type, you'll be able to tell them apart by their glow. Now hurry! 11 Medium
Bad Acid Of course it would be that Acid Ticks feed on Glowy Brightcaps. Prospector, get me more samples, and kill some of those pests for good measure! 14 Hard
Harvest Day A lab contamination has cost us dozens of samples! You need to get down there and get more Brightcaps, glowing ones too. Now! 19 Hard
Egg Delivery III We are close to being able to grow Blue Runners in our lab, Prospector, we just require more Blue Runner Eggs. You know what to do. 10 Medium
Unstable Sample Turns out these Meteor Shards that Korolev has been using to fuel their damn drills are fragments of Fortuna's Moon. We obviously need samples! 12 Medium
Core Values Ah, there you are, Prospector. We need you to drop down there and get us the Meteor Core of a Meteor Shower for some experiments. Off you go. 16 Hard
Promising Results Prospector, both Meteor Shards and Meteor Cores proved invaluable in our Xenological Research. Bring us more of both, and be discrete about it. 18 Hard
Lense Repairs It's time to replace the lenses of the Satellite Dish at Comms Tower. Look for the Dead Drop there and stash Optic Glass in it. 9 Medium
Technical Supplies The field technician in charge of our on-planet biosurveillance systems requires new Interactive Screens. Go stash some at Main Office. 9 Medium
Toxin Testing This mission requires maximum discretion, Prospector. Stash Toxic Glands at the Waterfall Lab for an experiment that is none of your business. 13 Medium
Stormy Samples Ah, there you are. We need someone to go stash Charged Spinal Bases at the Fulfilment Center for our Field Scientists to pick up. Can you do it? 15 Hard
Stormy Samples II Head down to Pinnacle Labs, look for the Dead Drop there and stash Glowy Brightcap Mushrooms in it. Our Field Scientists will pick them up later. 18 Hard
Loadout Drop One of our more... lethal assets on Fortuna requires some gear for her next job. Go stash some in the Pinnacle Labs Dead Drop for her. 19 Hard
Pale Ivy We have received reports of strange Ivy-like plants growing on walls and cliffs, bearing rare beautiful blossoms. Needless to say, we need samples. 5 Easy
Cross-Breeding We want to cross-breed Pale Ivy with Waterweed, to hopefully create a plant with vast medicinal applications. Go get us the needed Mother Plants. 9 Medium
Dustbloom A scout came back rambling about gorgeous vibrant flowers growing in dry and open plains on Fortuna. Go see if you can find some, and bring them back. 10 Medium
Research Drone Repairs One of our research drones got hit by Storm radiation, frying its flight stabilizers. Bring us Gyroscopes and Interactive Screens for the repairs. 13 Hard
Behavioural Analysis IV Next up in our Research, we need to analyze how Marauders react to Submachine Guns in combat. Grab one and go get us the data. 12 Hard
The RareRarity.svg Rarest Sample Prospector. We need you to drop down there, venture into the Elite Crusher's Cave and hunt down the Specimen. Then bring us a Sample. Be careful. 20 Hard
KMarks.png 155000 K-Marks
Osiris Scrip.png 40 Osiris Scrip
Flexible Sealant A number of our weather balloons took damage from recent storms, and we urgently need them back in the sky. Some Resin Guns should help patch them up. 8 Medium
Indigenous Fruit Ah, Prospector, have you come across any Indigenous Fruit on the surface? They seem to be a remarkably high source of potassium, they could make for good, cheap supplements. 7 Medium
Don't get crushed Gear up, Prospector! We need Crusher Skins for our Material Sciences Department. The tissue is said to be resistant to radiation, we must test that theory. 17 Hard

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