Blast Tick

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Blast Tick
Danger Easy
Health ?
Armor ?
Speed ?
Drops Toxic Glands.png

The Blast Tick is a creature that comes close to the prospector and explodes as soon as the prospector is in range.


When no prospectors are around the Blast Tick crawl around looking for potential prospectors. When it notices a prospector it continuously makes a high pitched insect like sound, before it starts chasing you.


When the Blast Tick notices a prospector from seeing or hearing the prospector, it will try to come close to the prospector and explode. If the prospector decides to fight its suggested to hit it with a charged knife onehitting it easily. If the prospector decides to go by him its suggested to get close him and let it explode and then run out of the circa 2m big explode range.

Tick Variants

The Blast Tick has one variant, the Acid Tick

Acid Tick

The Acid Tick is a green version of the Rattler with black head, the stats are the same but when it explodes it leaves a toxic gas on the ground that deals damage if you walk through

Detailed Information

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Damage Zones

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