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Backpacks are equipped to the Backpack slot of the Inventory screen. Each tier of backpack adds an additional 50 capacity, effectively allowing the user to carry more. Currently, there is no Exotic or Legendary rarity backpack available.

Image Item Name Weight Capacity Availability Buy/Craft Price Sale Price Rarity Recipe Requirements
Backpack Common.png Small Backpack 20 200 All stores, Lvl 1 Supply Crate 600 180 Common - Not Currently Craftable -
Backpack Uncommon.png Medium Backpack 30 250 Printing, Lvl 2 Supply Crate 2,700 810 Uncommon
Backpack Rare.png Large Backpack 40 300 Printing, Lvl ? Supply Crate 6,100 1,830 Rare
Backpack Epic.png Heavy Duty Backpack 50 350 Printing, Lvl ? Supply Crate 12,000 4,000 Epic
Backpack Scrappy.png Worn Emergency Backpack 5 100 Found on Fortuna III - Not buyable - 180 Common - Not Currently Craftable -