Unfortunately the game is sunsetting on September 27. In light of this news we wish to extend our thanks to all contributors and readers of this wiki. This would not have been possible without each and everyone of you. We hope to find you again with what is next. The wiki will remain online until March 18 2024. Changes made in Patch 3.5.0 are unlikely to be represented on this wiki.

Future Content

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Last Patch

Please note: As of June 28'th, there is no more planned patches as the game will sunset.
Version 3.5.0
Release Date June 28th, 2023[1]

Game closure

Yager have announced that the game will sadly sunset[2] on September 27'th and as such, there is sadly not going to be any more content released for the game after Patch 3.5.0 goes out.


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  2. Yager, thecycle.game website: "The Cycle: Frontier will be sunset on September 27, 2023."
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